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The quality of the co-operation with enrolees and graduates.

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The quality of infrastructure. The quality of financial and economic parts.

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The study programme quality. The academic staff quality. These assessments are controlled by the statutory acts e. The HSP normative documents e. The quality of different study forms is estimated according to the following criteria: Provision SIA Firm Kants Trading the students with the elements of the supporting system study opciju veidi un stili different internal consultations, in the electronical way, by phone etc. The individual work organization — outlining, volume, ways of checking etc.

Innovation study process methods, statement of study expected results, solving problems, using modern information technologies TV-bridges and others. The objectivity of assessment of knowledge and skills and using these results to improve the study process. Involvment of students into the practical research work thematical relevance and connection with the study programme content.

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The international co-operation, opportunities of study internship. The HSP study programme quality is assessed according to the following criteria: The clarity, attainability, conformity to the HSP development strategy and conception. Conformity of the study content to the definite requirements of the educational statutory acts of the Republic of Latvia, the 2nd level of the professional education standard, the HSP internal statutory acts.

Democratic study programme management, co-operation of the HSP authority, academic staff, students and employers with the purpose of improvement of the programme.

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The study programme methodological, informative and technical provision. Annual self-evaluation of the study programme. The HSP academic staff quality is assessed according to the following criteria: Conformity of the academic staff to the definite requirements of the statutory acts.

Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative

The professional competence skill to work with part-time SIA Firm Kants Trading students, adultscreative abilities. The scientific research and its results. Students' participation in the PHS work of organization structure work. The results of the students' questionnaire. The Programme Content Specifity The accreditation study programme is original from the point of view of the HSP and higher educational establishments of Latvia.

At first it is oriented on the preparation of the economics experts that are very necessary for economy labour market. The programme SIA Firm Kants Trading the further study perspectives, giving opportunity to continue studies in the programmes of the professional master SIA Firm Kants Trading. The preparation of the economics experts conform to the demands of both Latvian and European labour market.

Business development in Latvia, the development of the market infrastructure and accession to the European Union demand highly qualified specialists for important branches of economics both in Latvia and Europe. Secondly, students acquire the theoretical and practical base for successful work in the different business organizations and professional fields.

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The programme is organized with the aim, firstly, to establish communicative and entrepreneurship experience, to provide with scientifically based professional self-evaluation and self-development as a SIA Firm Kants Trading of the general professional competence.

Secondly, it gives the opportunity to specilize in the definite field finances, management, matketing, banking etc.

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SIA Firm Kants Trading following professional field is systematically acquired in the action look the Appendix Nr 2. To achieve the Programme aims and objectives, there are fundamental economics courses and professional courses offered. Taking into account the modern economical and political situation as well as the programme title the big significance is given to the study courses dedicated to specific questions on European Union.

However, the study Programme isn't limited with economics subjects only. Also, the following courses offered: the educational subjects on development of the humanitarian and social personality as well as communicative culture; subjects of the exact sciences, which allow students to acquire the latest methods of economical analysis, using the information system in economics; languages.

The higher school graduates should have a command of at least one foreign language at the necessary level to fullfil the professional duties.

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Improvement of the state language is of a great significance in this Programme; the legal provision of the commercial work. There are labour, commercial and European economics rights taught, in order to the specialist could orient in legal science both in Latvia and Europe. The Latvian economy development is closely connected with the integration in the EU.

This is one of the most important reasons to prepare such specialists, which are able to work in the European entrepreneurship.

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Hence, the higher professional education study programme in the field of economics has to provide with the opportunity to acquire the courses of fundamental sciences as well as practice-oriented subjects, in order to prepare such specialists, who are able to work both in Latvia and abroad. The mission of the higher school is to train the specialists with higher education in conformity with the demands of the European Union.

At present the higher school has occupied a stable position in the educational system of Latvia.

Izziņa par uzņēmumu

It is modern higher school, where students acquire not only the profession, but also they develop their creative intellect, skill to obtain their necessary knowledge independently and obtain practical skills for using.

The request of Latvian society for specialists in the field of economics and business constantly grows both in public sector and in private sector. The study year is divided in two semesters, with examination period after that. There is professional internship during the studies. The starting of the programme, studies, the succession and preconditions of the courses and successful graduation of the study programme are regulated by the HSP normative documents.

See the table2.

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